Showering with Love

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a lovely baby shower for mommies-to-be Carin and Hillary as they get ready to welcome their baby girl into the world in July.

As most of you may know, Carin and Hillary are some of our best friends (and the "Fairy Godmommies" to the kids.. well, officially Lucas, Zoe by default.. poor 2nd children..) and after years of a loving relationship were able to legally marry last summer during the short amount of time (backwards) CA allowed it.

They are amazing women and I can't express how excited I am for them. Very obviously, they are having a girl.. which means a PINKPINKPINK explosion.

Please note the 1st of 2 diaper cakes I obsessed over. The cupcake toppers (on the diaper cake) and banner is from my girl Jess at Polkadots and Pirates I kinda don't do a child related party without her these days.. ;-)

"Vintage" plate set and sugar cubes with "sugar charms" - are those not the cutest things ever??

the "Garden Table"

and the dessert table..








the mommies-to-be!

Hillary sipping on a "Hilly's Silly Fizz" (Ker Royal) while Carin drinks her virgin "CC's babe-a-lini" (Martinelli's and Peach Juice)



Then Zoe came in, to litterally "take the cake" ....




















Me and the mommies-to-be:

if you are interested in the full set....