Happy New Year! We've made it another decade. 

Looking back at the block of ten years, this one was INSANE. I got married, got a dog, had 2 beautiful (yet very, very loud) children... the list goes on. 

This year's NYE kid-friendly party was "Ugly Sweater" theme. Last year we kicked it old school with a "Mad Men" party and discovered how much fun it is to dress up for NYE, so we did it again. While I thought we could wander into our local Walmart the day after Xmas and have an abundance of sweaters to choose from at 50% off, that was SO not the case. Yet, we did manage to "tacky it up" and don some great outfits.

Since this was billed as the "tackiest party of the year I will throw" we wanted to tack it up... KFC in the bucket. Plastic snowmen and Christmas Doilies helped us out greatly. 















When asked what they could bring, I told our friends to "bring something tacky". Our good friend Marcy fit the bill perfectly when she showed up with this:

Not to mention that Marcy's husband had THE SWEATER of the night, wearing the famous Leg Lamp on his chest:

(sorry, the pic didn't come out better)

We even broke out the karaoke machine and sang along to (current?) hits such as "love shack" and "sweet home Alabama". Around 10:30 JUST before the kids totally melted down, we did a toast to the upcoming year. Hey, they didn't know the difference.