The Daily Shoot Challenge

This year something I'm going to challenge myself to do is the  The Daily Shoot. Everyday we will get a prompt for a picture idea or theme. You can blog about it and tweet about it after. The challenge is to help you become a better photographer and better with your camera. Between that and my photoshop classes, watch out!

Yesterday, Jan. 1 2010 was all about "looking out a window". I found the challenge a little late in the day, so snapped a quick view from where I was sitting right then

Today's challenge was to take a shot consumed in the color yellow. It totally popped out to me when I opened the "Airbourne" I'm taking to help kick this sinus issue..

I may not post all of them here, or I may do a weekly re-cap. Not sure yet. But please feel free to check out my Flickr set anytime here...