Only a month left...

Until Valentine's Day!

While don't I love valentine's day for any real romantic reason (no offense honey!) I love all the "stuff" around it. I love the cards, I love the decorations, I love hearts and pink and red! I love old school conversation hearts and I love Valentine's day chocolate and hand-made paper cards with white doilies. I get the kids special shirts each year and take an annual "valentine's day picture". I also have to stop myself from buying heart knee-socks and PJs... I don't know if you've noticed, but I tend to go a bit overboard. 

My other love is cupcakes... so as you may have guessed a cupcake valentine decoration made me dizzy with happiness.


I'm pretty easy to please, huh? I picked these up at Target last week for $4.99 each. The little cupcake candles are actually left over from Zoe's cupcake-themed first birthday party.

Zoe's 1st birthday was really my entree into my party insanity. I discovered Jess at Polkadots and Pirates and Hostess with the Mostess. I've never been able to just "have a backyard party" for Lucas either, but this was the one where I outdid myself. And now I can't stop myself. 2 months out, I'm already planning Lucas' "Mad Scientist" 6th birthday.

What about you? Is there a holiday that you love to decorate for? Are there specific decorations that you obsess over?