Living in Color

It's so true that the moment the Holidays are over, our minds immediately head into Spring. While we have barely gotten cold yet here in San Diego, other parts of the country are buried in weeks and weeks of snow. Considering how excited I got when the Nordstrom catalog came last week, I'm sure they just wanted to throw it out the window when they turned the page to see this: 

I mean really, this was almost cruel of Nordstrom's to do.

And wow, I really want this green fedora. I want to plan a trip to Palm Springs JUST to be able to wear this hat.

But then again, I love color. While in the winter and for basics, I will stick to black, I really make an effort to not buy everything in black. The total opposite of my mother, I love color and big, bold patterns.

It could be my ultimate rebellion that I love that 50's 60's patterns and would love nothing more than to wallpaper my house ala The Brady Bunch.

When we first started researching and talking to people about the traditional look of a Mid-Century Modern house, the thing that tuned me off is the stark minimalist feeling of "modern". Thats not me. I'm mix pattern bright color girl. 

I'm like this hat. The brighter the better.

Which was interesting that yesterday's Daily Shoot challenge was about color and framing a picture of your favorite color. Naturally, the color most people associate with me is HOT PINK. Which I do SO love... but my ultimate favorite color has to be Tiffany Blue.

Had I not had a boy first and in desperate need of buying PINKPINKPINK for my baby girl, I would have done Zoe's room in Tiffany Blue and white. 

The way that particular blue jumps when accented with white or red amazes me. The color brings a smile to my face and makes my heart flutter. Yes, it could be the ultimate association (there is nothing better than a gift in a blue box) but I really just love this color.