Shut up and put your money where your mouth is...

T minus 2 days until Jason and I hit Vegas for Blog World Expo 2010. To say we are excited would be putting it lightly - we are elated. In desperate need of a kid-free weekend, we are looking forward to networking, meeting our online friends face-to-face and some good old-fashioned VEGAS time. 

Of course, when packing for any trip, I'm going through the WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR issue. Here is the challenge: It's Vegas, it's a professional trip (casual and fun, but these are people I want to impress) and I kinda have to live up to my pseudonym...

Let's backtrack a a sunny San Diego day about 5 years ago. There was this under 30 newish mom putting together her first online journal on Blogspot. I needed a name and somehow HipMamaB was born. It's pretty tongue-in-cheek - as you know the "Hip" part is more of a desperate attempt than an actual true statement. But it's me, it's my brand, and I own it. But meeting people in real life, I often feel I should really try and live up to it and be, well, hip. 

So there is the criteria for my Vegas wardrobe: Hip, Professional and Vegas appropriate.

Do you see my conundrum?

After a few weeks of deliberation, I've come up with these 5 categories of things to bring:

1. The Skinnies

Currently waiting to be packed are 3 pairs of skinny pants - jeans, black pants and my new edition of skinny cargos. Between these three options, I think I'm pretty well covered for day and night. 

The thing I love about skinny pants is that it doesn't matter what height shoe you wear with them. They look good with flats, flip flops, heels or platforms. Unlike a boot cut jean, where the are tailored to a specific length, limiting the height of your shoe choice, skinnies are more flexible. Great for when you need to do a mid-Las Vegas Blvd shoe swap out of those painful 6 inch wedges to the mushy pair of Haviannas hiding in your bag. 

2. Speaking of shoes...

 Yes, I will pack too many shoes. It's a given. I don't even fight it even more.

All I can say is that I'm really happy we are driving so that I don't need to squeeze my shoes into every pocket of my suitcase. I can even pack them all in their OWN bag!

So multiple ballet flats, black and gold wedges, black pumps, gladiators and Haviannas. I think I'm pretty covered.

Oh wait, I forgot my boots... shoot... hmmm..

 3 & 4 To Top it off


The shrunken blazer with a tank under can go day or night... sparkly and black at night, white and navy for the day. A variety of shirts from t's to tanks. I'm also currently in love the with a Tunic shirt. I have a few at the moment in purple and blue. I love the look with the skinny pants and the blazer.

And last but not least, 

5. LBDs

It is Vegas after all.. you never know where you will end up or what you will end up doing. A Little Black Dress, or, 3, is the perfect option for dinner and drinks or a show or a club. Gold hoops and a bracelet and you can be sophisticated and still Vegas fun. Hopefully. 



There is my list and my game plan. So tell me - what am I forgetting?!