Monday Confessional: SUCK IT IN

A few months ago I told my mom her generation, with their bra burning, ruined it for our generation of women. Before those hippies took off their underwear in protest, woman wore undergarments to help shape, bend, nip, tuck, and protrude them into attractive silhouettes. Then came all that free love bullshit and women suddenly were all au natural and comfortable. Whatever.

My torso has always been my "problem" area. Throw in two kids, two c-sections and my running joke is I no longer want a nose-job, I want a "torso-job". I need that Dr. 90210 Super Woman surgery without the girly-parts part...since, as I mentioned above, I had two c-sections. I think it started when breastfeeding Lucas. I could honestly care less if I exposed a little boobage while trying to get him to latch-on, but I did care about people getting a glimpse of the hideous flaps of deflated excess skin and fat around my mid-section. Thankfully, I found the GlamourMom tank tops - the ease of the nursing bra with coverage on the underside. I was free to comfortably lift my shirt and nurse in public without the thought that some some child-free thing was gawking at my post-baby jelly rolls. I also felt that just having a little extra fabric helped bring things in a bit and cover the backside from the dreaded coin-slot caused by the then fashionable ultra-low waisted pants. 

Even after I stopped nursing, I kept on wearing tank tops under my clothes. I didn't need to worry about clothes being to sheer or too low, I felt comfortable in the layers. When Lucas was about 9 months old, I was the Matron of Honor in a friends wedding. Still not comfortable in my post-baby body, a friend suggested I try this new product called SPANX to help smooth things out under the silky brides maid dress. I was sold. And amazed by this modern day girdle.

These days I don't really leave the house with out a Yummy Tummie tank-top on under my clothes.  It's kinda become my adult "lovie". It makes me feel more comfortable in my clothes. Whether or not it actually makes a difference I have no idea, but I like to think it helps to shape me just a bit.

Last Friday I had to run to the mall with Zoe after ballet class. We were taking family pictures on Saturday and Jason and I are headed to Vegas for Blog World Expo this upcoming weekend, so I needed to make a clothing run. I grabbed Zoe a bite to eat at McDonalds and fed her in the stroller so that I could hopefully have 20 minutes of quiet shopping time. After breezing through the kids section I landed in women's lingerie and this new full body miracle suit caught my attention. Standing there reading the label, without thinking I reached down and grabbed a french fry off Zoe's tray and was about to shove it in my mouth when I realized the sight I must be. 

Girl eating french fries shopping for Spanx. 


My Monday Confession for 10/11/10: I love my tummy toning tank tops and I need to stop eating french fries.