Minikin Launch Party - Sunday November 7, 2010

One of the things about being a working mom is that you need support. You need support from your family, friends and community. I'm ALL about the support because honestly, I'm not sure I would have survived the past 6 years without some of the amazing people in my life.

An old friend and ex-colleague of mine is living her dream and launching a new business, Minikin Model and Talent and Minikin Brand, with some amazing other ladies.  I'm so excited and happy for them and wish them all the best! If you are in San Diego - come by the launch party and fashion show and check out what they've got goin' on...these t-shirts are just freaking cute for words!!!

I can so see Lucas rockin' the Kung Fu cupcake one.. 

If you are interested in seeing if your cutie  is "right" for representation - just fill out the form on the site.