Clog me over the head

The other night I was chatting on the phone with my mom when she noted that the NYT Fashion Section was saying that CLOGS ARE BACK. She was thrilled, as she has been wearing a hot pair of silver ones for a few months now. (She's so ahead of her time)

I get off the phone and open the new Vogue (Hello, Tina Fey!) and it opens on the Chanel ad for these clogs - part of their 2010 Spring Collection. Hhhmmm...

2 pages later there is an editorial piece about them.

The next day, Rachel Zoe features them her daily email

These clogs are stalking me. I swear.

Unfortunately these beauties are SO far out my league that might as well be astronaut shoes. They are actually so far out of my league, that Ms. Zoe's "cheap" alternative are still slightly unjustifiable. 

But a girl can admire and lust from afar.