Fall Fashion Find: Merona Mackenzie Suede Wedge Pumps

It seems that every time Target launches a new high-end collection these, I go running in expecting greatness... and leaving with things NOT part of the celebrity collaborations. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I went to my local Target in search of the Philip Lim collection. Red card and additional 5% pharmacy savings coupon in hand, I was gonna' buy me a sweater. 

But there was a mistake and my local store never even ended up getting the collection. 

All was not lost! As I walked around searching, I happened upon the shoe area where I found these suede wedges from the standard Target Merona brand that looked like just the shoe I had been looking for. 

I will admit, being the label whore that I am, I was suspect. But I also had been *NEEDING* new shoes and for $30 threw the army green ones into my cart... and didn't take them out last minute like I normally do with non-essentials when my bills climbs past a "certain number." 

And? I love these shoes. LOVE. 

They are high enough to give me a good lift, but not too high that I'm teetering around. They are comfortable too - the wedge isn't too steep and the insides not too hard. They did pinch around my toes the first day I wore them, but by day 2 were broken in. And the best part? They don't look like $30 shoes. 

I think I may need them in black too....


Fashion Friday! Getting Ready For Spring With Gold Wedge Flip Flops from Lindsay Phillips

YES. I've been obsessing about warmer weather and long days spent at the pool/beach with the soft sun warming my shoulders. I went to see Safe Harbor and through the whole movie I just kept thinking of how jealous I was of everyone's sun kissed noses and tan legs... sigh...

Spring is my favorite fashion time of the year. In San Diego we don't get a proper Fall, but Spring can be glorious. My Spring fashion look is more Bo-Ho, with jeans and flowing shirts and light weight scarves. Which is why when the ladies of Lindsay Phillips emailed me asking if I wanted to check out their Gwen gold wedge flip-flops and Miramar scarf, I jumped at the offer. 


While I love the look of a heel, I just can't wear them comfortably these days. My solution for the past few years has been a mini-wedge. You get a little height, a little leg elongation while still being able to walk and chase after a kid dashing into a parking lot unattended, if needed. 

The Gwen Wedge is only $39.95 and features a 1-inch wedge heel and an interchangeable embellishment on the strap.  Since the embellishments on the top of the shoe are interchangeable and inexpensive ($12-15), you can mix it up from fun floral theme to a festive gem cluster to match your mood or outfit. 

I also got the Miramar Scarf ($25) in a PERFECT coral color. I'm envisioning wearing my light-wash boot cut jeans, the gold sandals with a white top and the scarf out to many dinners or casual events this Spring and Summer. 

While the prices are good to begin with I also have a special 15% off promo code for HipMamaB readers!

Thru the end of the month, use the discount code: Lindsay15Off and get yourself ready for Spring and Summer. 


Happy Shopping!

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HipMamaB Lusting: Shoes I Need RIGHT Now.


shoes I need - Jan 2013



It's a typical January in San Diego. Last week we were freezing, but today we could hit the beach. All of a sudden my boots seem heavy. My calves are sweating and the tops of my feet beg to see the sun. While I KNOW that next week will be cold(er) and raining again, this week Spring is in the air and I'm dying for a little color on my stems.