Our network debut

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Short and Sweet. While they were with us for about 4 hours, they only ended up being able to use about 15 seconds. It was a wonderful experience, although my heart almost stopped when I saw they would be interviewing us in our lovely 1962-chic kitchen. GAH! The world now knows that I have PINK COUNTERTOPS. 

Lucas was adorable. Zoe had Ben Tracy and the producer Erin wrapped around her little finger. Producer Erin actually also had the red hair/brown eye combo and at one point I was worried Zoe may call her mom. 


(Lucas being interviewed by Ben Tracy at the YMCA skatepark)

All in all, the good news for us is that the bill passed. For us, it was very personal. This means that I will no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night panic over what we will do if Lucas breaks his arm or gets one of those strange Greys Anatomy/Private Practice diseases that kids get. No matter what you think of the politics of the situation, how can anyone say that people like my son don't have the right to proper health care?