It's my party...

After a few years of planning parties for my Lucas, Zoe, for Jason's 40th last year, baby showers, etc.. I felt like I needed a night of my own. Alas, no one throws a party for the party planner.. But I ain't one to cry in my chardonnay.. I'll just throw myself a party!

Imagine - a party for me, by me... a night just like I want! I may even wear a Tiara. But first the planning. I wanted to do something more than plan a dinner at a restaurant this year. I wanted to invite whomever I want and have a good time and not worry about spilling a bill or spending too much. I also didn't want that group of people out standing there with the "what do you want to do next" issue.. some people wanting to go one way, others go the other. I just wanted it simple and easy for my friends to get together and us all to have fun. So I decided on a adult only party at our house - finger foods, drinks and dancing sans les enfants. I even booked a DJ to help set the tone and play some fab sounds. 

I'm big on invites, and while I LOVE a nice printed invite, in the name of ease and saving a few bucks, I {GASP} emailed out my 2nd party invite of the year... but just because they are emailed doesn't mean they can't be cute! 

I'm all about chandeliers and this invite is going to set the tone of my party - pink, girlie yet a little mature. I mean, I am turning 35... and I'm sure I will be doing a super girlie "princess party" later on in the year..

Keeping with the theme, I ordered a chandelier wall decal for the wall above my dessert table and a group of pink, hot pink and black paper poms to hang from the ceiling. 







Seriously, how did people plan parties before Etsy?!

Next up on the decision block is plates and linens. Since it's mostly apps and desserts, I'm thinking I can use a paper plate... but a nice one... What do you think? Totally okay or totally tacky? And what type of plates? I'm going to be scanning various sites for ideas - if you see anything that I NEED to have, let me know!