Mommy Likes: The Chevy Traverse

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that this week the nice PR people from Chevy have lent me a 2010 Traverse  to drive around town for a week. 

Now, I drive a little Audi A4. I love my Audi - I love the speed and the little sports car feel of it. And while it may have not made a lot of sense when I bought it after having a kid, at the time I was commuting daily and it was a good choice. And even though it's small, it's still our car of choice when going out with the family (Jason has a Nissan XTerra). But for the past year or so I've been wanting something bigger. The kids are getting bigger and we are going to need something able to haul around friends for carpools and soccer practice. And while I will admit to the occasional mini-van envy (ooohh, sliding doors...) I just can't bring myself to drive one.

Lucas, "just chillin' in the back, Mom"After a few days in the Traverse, I will say that I'm in love in a realistic way. It handles well and the room is amazing. We got the model with the captain seats in the 2nd row (see my rant about 3rd row seating here) and the space in this thing is amazing. Parked next to the Xterra it seems to be the same length, but HOT DAMN, the inside seems cavernous in comparison. 

After a trip to the library yesterday, Lucas climbed in the back to just hang out and read. DO YOU SEE THAT SPACE? This is with the 3rd row seats down flat. If the seats are up, there is still cargo area, but I went to the store yesterday, so I put the seats down for max. cargo area. 

The other feature that is super cool, is the reverse cam. This one is actually IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR. 

Lucas immediately dubbed it the "Spy Mirror" and it's really cool - a "picture in picture" pops up when you are in reverse. The Traverse also has rear sensors, so if you get too close to something while reversing it beeps a warning at you. While cool, it's also really scary when you are slowly and carefully backing up in the parking lot at Target and some jerk comes speeding by and all of a sudden it's screaming its beeps at you at a rapid pace. But hey, thats why it's there, to let you know before you reverse into things like trashcans, jerks speeding by and children running in the street. I would much rather be beeped at than in an accident. 

So far the poor car has only been driven to the park, Target, Trader Joe's, Islands and the library... but hopefully this weekend we can put it to the test on a mini road-trip to LA. I think a 2 hour car ride is where we are really going to love the built in DVD system...