Make-Up, Make-Up, Make-Up: NuboNau

Last week a few of us blogger types were invited by the lovely ladies of NubuNau for a professional make-up tutorial celebration the launch of their new line, nvey eco. Now, being that there are few things in life that make me happier than getting my make-up done (well, okay...that may be a slight exaggeration), I jumped at the chance. The bonus? This cool little store is is up the street from me in the Carlsbad Forum Shops - a little mall that I just so happen to be Foursquare mayor of. Yeah, those are some bragging rights.

NuboNau (pronounced new-bo-now) is an adorable all natural make-up and skin care boutique that only carries organic and natural beauty products. While I'm at the Forum Shops a few times a week, I've actually only been in this little store a few times. I blame the kids and the store's make-up and white counter tops for this...because if I had ever spent real time in this store before I would probably have a lot less money. It's one of those places that just smells relaxing. Maybe it's because I was out on a weekday without a shrieking 2 year old, but I walked in and immediately felt less tense. Hazel Walker, the owner, is the sweetest and we were soon chatting away about all the goodies she has in her store. 

While the store has always carried organic make-up by Dr. Hauschka and La Bella Donna, they are really excited to be carrying this new line, nvey eco, because unlike the other organic make-ups, this collection offers a variety of bright and fashionable pigments like one would find at a department store counter. One-by-one we all got the chance to address our make-up concerns with Sarah Chenot and get her tips to address them.

My concern, or desire, is to look even-toned and together without looking or feeling like I'm wearing tons of make-up. For me, she recommended a light-weight foundation with a quick powder. While "even-toned" to me says you can not see one freckle or spot on my face, Sarah disagreed. She believes that while you don't want that to be the first or only thing people see, you want to be able to see these things or else you look too fake. You want your skin to look smooth and clear with highlights and definition; this is what a woman is supposed to look like. She suggested dotting on concealer before I apply my foundation to even things out, but not to try and erase parts of my face. And while she used a foundation brush during application, she did note that one can cut about 5 minutes off of their make-up routine by using their {clean} fingers. 

If you are thinking about moving to natural cosmetics or even if you are just in the area, you should stop by this great store. The ladies in there are all super helpful and can offer a million suggestions for your skincare routine. Happy Shoppping!