Budgets Suck. My sideline review of the 2010 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We have a bunch of financial changes and big expensive things going on in life at the moment - job change, moving, the kids (just in general). These things that have caused us to have to seriously implement the B word: Budget. What does that mean? That means that I'm going to be sitting out the 2010 Nordstrom Anniversary sale

Unfortunately Nordies doesn't realize this, and they are still sending me catalogs and emails with all the things that I'm longing to purchase now, but not be able to wear until San Diego see's fall weather sometime in November/December. Hey, it literally JUST became summer here THIS WEEK. 

But I hate to miss a good party. So right now I'm playing the "if-I-had-a-Nodies-card-that-I-never-had-to-pay-off" game and I'm going to share with you my top picks of the sale that I will be staying as far away as possible from.




















Boots. Booties. Heels. And that Puma ballet flat sneaker.. because you always need a pair of shoes to walk around Disneyland in.


Trouvé Studded Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Sale $198.90
After Sale: $298.00

 I love this motorcycle jacket. Grey leather goes with everything and is a great alternative to black or brown.








Halogen® Crop Collarless Jacket
Sale $98.90
After Sale: $148.00

Since it doesn't even get chilly in San Diego until October, this 3/4 length sleeve is perfect to put a little fall in your outfit even if it's 80 degrees out








flounce tbd Sequin Jacket
Sale $89.90
After Sale: $138.00

This is definitely a Rachel Zoe / Whitney Port look... but I kinda think it's hot.











Bellatrix Printed Silk Chiffon Tunic
Sale $58.90
After Sale: $88.00

They keep pushing floral down our throats, so before I know it, I will break down and get some floral pieces. I love tunics with skinny jeans and boots.








Seventy Two Changes Boxy Tee
Sale $79.90
After Sale: $128.00

This looks like a top I would live in. I love things that are flowy but not all that long. 








Paige Premium Denim 'Verdugo' Stretch Denim Leggings (Tranquil Wash)
Sale $109.90
After Sale: $168.00

There is a special place in my heart reserved just for Paige Denim. "Jeggings" are another thing I think we are all just going to have to break down and buy this year. I know, you've been fighting it. Morally opposed to it, but I think this is the year we will all break. Not to mention it will be nice to just be able to stick your jean in your boot without all the folding and sticking them in socks and then ending up with that painful skin wrinkle where your boot pushed the pegged jean leg into your ankle for the past 4 hours. Yea - that guy knows what I'm talking about...






Michael Kors 'Jet Set Iconic' Chronograph Watch
Sale $166.90
After Sale: $250.00

I've been lusting over a big gold Michael Kors watch for 2 years now. They are $$ though - even on sale. I mean, pricey for a fashion watch.









Nordstrom Textured Hoop Earrings
Sale $16.90
After Sale: $26.00

Earring staple. I wear gold hoops daily.






M·A·C 'Apply, Line & Define' Eye Brushes (Set of 5) (Nordstrom Exclusive) ($125 Value)

If you don't have a good set of brushes, this sale is the best time to invest in some. The price is right and you will use them for years.








Well, now that I have the retail itch, I'm going to go cry in my Cheerios about not being able to buy it ALL. But hey, I need a dining room set. As Jason pointed out, we can't eat Thanksgiving dinner on a pair of boots. 

Happy Shopping!