Monday Confessional

I have a confession to make. And on a Monday, when I'm not feeling all that hot and can go back and maybe blame it on some kind of flu medication. Here it goes... I pretty much like any song that Pitbull is a part of.

I came across this realization this morning while stuck in traffic for SEVENTY MINUTES this morning, going through my iPod searching for anything that might make me happy, like the new Enrique Iglesias song, "I like It".. featuring... wait for boy Pitbull.

At first, searching thru my lists and seeing Pitbull song after Pitbull song...Calle Ocho, Hotel Motel, Krazy (because white girls let's get krazy...) I was somewhat embarrassed. I mean, really?! Carlsbad white MOM and her Latin Rap top 40? But then I bucked up. Dude, the guy makes good, fun songs. They are fun songs to listen to while having a glass of chardonnay and dancing with your girls and kids around the living room. They are fun to dance to at clubs (well, that one I'm assuming because, sadly, I can't remember the last time I went dancing at a club. Sigh) and they are GREAT motivational work-out songs.

So there you have it. My Monday Confessional for 9/20/10: I like Pitbull.

What about you? Do you have a music confession?