Monday Confessional: Unpublished

Looking at my blog, it seems that I don't write that much. In reality, I do...I just don't "publish" very often.

I will admit, my creativity mixed with exhaustion and stress has impacted how I feel about my blog. Maybe "feel" isn't the correct word... the way I approach it? I want to do things with it. I have grand, elaborate plans for it. I also write blog posts in my head throughout the day. The issue is getting these posts out of my head and into my computer. 

Some weeks I do better than others. Some weeks I find myself full of amusing thoughts, or something sparks an obsessive rant, and I'm off. Those are the good weeks. Other weeks, like last week, the back-end of my blog ends up an random cornucopia of unpublished chaos.

But things are always changing, and next week my schedule will lighten up a bit allowing for some more writing time.

So my confession for 9/27: I don't publish about half of what I write. What about you? How do you blog? Do you have scattered, unpublished posts or do you post everything you write?