Getting down to basics with Jockey P2P

Okay, hear me out here. Yes, I'm aware that you probably never thought I would be talking about Jockey clothing. I know I have this whole "label whore" persona, going on and on about expensive jeans, Marc Jacobs bags, and the ever lustiful red soled beauties I promise I will own one day... But really I appreciate clothes - in all their forms. It's this view on fashion that lead me today to MJ, a consultant for Jockey's Person to Person clothing line. 

One of the MOMfia Mamas, Margo, swears by this brand, and I've found myself admiring cute pieces. When the opportunity came along for Jockey P2P to clothe a few of us for BlogHer'11, I was excited to take a look, and I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. 

Normally I stay away from consultant-based fashions and accessories, but with a new designer and some basic, flexible options, I was sucked in. The Jockey P2P line is basically, well, basics. Items that you can wear individually or together that just look nice. MJ and I talked about my never ending quest to be "carpool chic" - looking put-together first thing in the morning for school drop offs. But as a mom, what do you wear to volunteer in the class, go to the park and then to Trader Joe's and look cute and be comfortable (and not just wear Lululemon all day every day)? I explained my basic style to MJ - I'm trendy, I like fashion, but I mix and match with basics and classics. 

What I was introduced to was nice fitting basic skirts, pants and jackets. By far my favorite pieces were the yellow trench coat and the modal cardigan and wide-legged pants. The trench was a great, flattering shape and the modal fabric was amazingly soft and apparently very durable. The wide-leg pants in the same material would be perfect with a white tank and flip-flops, or look chic on a long an airplane ride. I was also really impressed by the fit of the clothing. To be honest, I expected the cut of the clothes to be much more matronly than they were. Some things were not me - but that's normal, not everything is made for everyone. 

The exciting part is that my sample pieces are going to be a mix from the summer line and the new fall line. While some of the other mamas chose the exact pieces that they wanted, half of what I'm getting hasn't even been seen yet. So if you're coming my way for BlogHer '11, ask me about what I'm wearing! And if you want a peek at the Jockey Person to Person line, feel free to visit MJ's blog or come out on August 13th for her fall preview fashion show. 

*While Jockey Person to Person is providing me with free clothes, these opinions are my own. Please know that I would never lie to you when clothes are involved; I do have my pride.