Bronies: Post on Fire

If you follow my posts over on SDMOMfia, or looked through my NBC clips, you will see something I seem to be quite obsessed with these days are Bronies; Adult men that love the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic TV show. 

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When I read this post I was shocked as anyone about this new "trend." I really don't think that I'm a judgmental person. I tend to live by a "to each his own" type theory, but this particular topic kinda skeeved me out. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until Catherine Garcia pointed it out - we need to be aware of these things in case our kids encounter it online. I do like to think that majority of Bronies see it as an innocent fun pastime, but you never know...

What I didn't expect was all the Bronies coming out to defend themselves on the post. Apparently my post found its way to a Bronie chat room, and while they are not coming out in droves, weeks later I'm still getting comments. Some commenting Bronies make a better case than others, but the basic message is that we shouldn't judge them because they like a cartoon. did a story recently on the Bronies and declared them harmless, and while I think (hope) the majority of them are, it's still good to be aware. And it's also good to be prepared with an answer for when the kids ask which pony this one is.


*Jason was at ComicCon this weekend in San Diego and had the pleasure of seeing a Bronie in person