Would you let your daughter be Katy Perry for Halloween?

The first catalog comes in July, but it doesn't matter because the kids have been talking about what they are going to be for Halloween since November 1st of LAST year. 

My kids like costumes. Zoe has a closet fit for a Disney Princess and even Lucas still likes to dress up and run around the house. September marks the month where we let the "official" Halloween discussion begin. Every year Lucas begs us to do a family costume, but we've never been able to come up with a group costume everyone is okay with. Saturday morning was a lazy one that found all four of us laying in bed with the latest Halloween costume catalog to grace our mailbox. As the kids were going through the paper catalog, I pulled up a costume store on the iPad to see if I could find the Madeline costume I desperately want Zoe to wear this year. While browsing one site, the "Child Sweet as Candy California Girl" costume swept across the screen. Zoe immediately screamed "YES! I WANT TO BE KATY PERRY FOR HALLOWEEN!!"

I'm blown away. Is this a kid's costume based off the music video where Ms. Perry squirts whipped cream out of her boobies?

Why, yes. Yes, it is. 

Now looking at the costume, it's actually fun. With candy and a twirly skirt and a BLUE WIG - what kid wouldn't want to wear this outfit? The dress is cute, in a Candyland kinda way.... but is it appropriate for my 4 year old?

I remember the first time I saw the video. The kids loved it, the adults standing around watching it didn't know what to say or do. Do we just act like it's no big deal WHEE! FUN CANDY! or do we immediately step in and shut off the TV? Is it better to let the kids think it's no big deal, or make it a big deal by turning it off?

Zoe LOVES Katy Perry. She knows all the words to "Firework" and she sees the artist as a fun, crazy grown-up that gets to wear elaborate costumes. I think she sees her like a real life Barbie doll - always in bright costumes, while Zoe is stuck wearing JEANS and TSHIRTS (quel bore to a preschooler).

But the thing is, you and I know the meaning of the song. We KNOW what she means when she says the "grass is always greener, uh-huh." And if I let her wear this costume, what will the other parents think of me as a parent? 

I guess what I could do is just don my own KP costume... then it wouldn't be Zoe the parents would be talking about...