Real or Internet Rumor? The REAL LIFE Barbie Dream Home in Santa Monica

Someone help my {in}sanity.

According to the internets, Barbie creator Ruth Handler has a real life Barbie dream townhome in Santa Monica, CA.  Images of the pink and purple beach front house seems to have popped up recently on Pinterest and Tumblr and the internet is quickly spewing out... well, nothing really other than the pictures. 

Being a Barbie-girl for the past 34 years, my heart skipped a beat. I want to see this house. That's where my search for information, and my confusion, started.

See, Mrs Handler died 10 years ago. The house, located at 1341 Palisades Beach Road Santa Monica, sold in 2007. And while some sites claim that Jonathan Adler custom decorated this home in pure Barbie fashion, the pictures they are posting are actually from a party that Mattel held a few years back for Barbie's 50th birthday at a private house in Malibu.

Additionally, from the pictures of the outside of the house, you can clearly see it's not the same house. 

A childhood dream dashed in 10 minutes of Google searches. 

And then I cried. 

The End. 

PS: Anyone know the real story behind this Santa Monica house? Was it really built for Ruth Handler? Was it recently repainted?

PPS: One good thing I did learn today though: The Barbie suite at the Palms in Vegas! EEK!