HipMamaB San Diego: Make Sure You Are Ready For Summer With European Wax Centers

If you've been reading my site for awhile you know that 18 months ago we moved...we moved a whopping 6 miles that changed almost every aspect of our world. One of those aspects was that with that six miles, I ended up moving about 20 minutes away from my waxer. While 20 minutes may not seem to far to drive for a good wax...it just became more difficult. And unfortuntately, I've had a year of giving up things that make my life more difficult than it needs to be. That's when I discovered the European Wax Center in Bressi Ranch (Carlsbad, CA). 

I'm a busy mom with a very, very insane schedule that changes - a lot. I often say I can't plan things more than 4 days in advance, because really, no matter how hard I try, things are always changing on me. European Wax Center (EWC) has really great hours, and 7 days a week there is someone there for an emergency wax job. No matter how I try to plan, there are always those last minute "Hey want to go to the pool tomorrow?" crises when you are 3 days out from your scheduled wax. And even better, if I can't make my appointment it's NOT a problem! I don't need to give them 24 hours or be charged a fee, and I can almost always get a make-up appointment same day or when I need it. 

And honestly, they just do a really good job. I've had a few different estheticians at EWC over the past year and they have all done equally great jobs. While no waxing will ever be totally pain-free, EWC's process is MUCH more comfortable than most. EWC is very unique in that the wax that they use was exclusively developed in Paris for European Wax Center, contains no alcohol, is 100% natural beeswax and the finest polymers and as a result there is much less pain, irritation and redness. Also, there is no double dipping/recycling of the wax they use, so it is very sanitary. Additionally, they also offer a line of their own products to help minimize hair growth between visits and stop pesky ingrown hairs. 

Quick. Easy and the prices are good. I'm a total convert. 

While I've been going to EWC for over a year now, a few weeks ago they asked me for help promoting their services at their San Diego and Temecula locations with a giveaway to my readers. While EWC has more than 241 salons across the nation, this giveaway is specific to my local readers in San Diego, CA and Temecula, CA (sorry everyone else!).

So let's get ready for summer with a giftbasket that includes the following! 

- A Wax Service of YOUR Choice (valid at any EWC San Diego or Temecula, CA locations)

- Slow It Body Wash

- Slow It Body Lotion

- Ingrown Hair Serum

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Good luck and happy waxing!

*Disclosure: While I have been paying to go to EWC for over a year, and all the opinions are my own, I was given a free wax and free gift basket of goodies in return for hosting this giveaway.