Fashion Find FLASH: The battle of the linen pants


Fashion Find Flash



This weekend I tried on a pair of light coral/orange linen pants at Anthropologie. Comfy and flowy with a roll-over top, I immediately imagined myself in a tank top and fedora rocking these pants all summer long. But the $98 price tag made me stop and think... I know I had seen linen pants in other stores, so I passed on them to do my "due diligence" to make sure I got the BEST pair for the BEST price. 

Today, I ran into my local Nordstrom Rack and low and behold, right there, not 5 steps into the store, were a pair of roll over linen pants in coral by Bella Dahl. And? $39. BAM. I bought them without even trying them on. And they are fabulous. At that price, I may consider going back for another pair in a different color!

So RUN to your local Nordstrom Rack right now, because I'm sure they won't be there long. 


*note - they are very long.. wondering what length to hem to? I'm thinking flip flop length...