These days I call myself an "occasional blogger." Old school blogging isn't doing it much for me anymore, but I still want to write. I love my blog platform, SquareSpace. I've been a user for 7+ years and think its amazing. But I also like some of the new platforms popping up such as Medium and LinkedIn's Pulse. 

I've written a few things over on medium. While I love the pieces that I've drafted, I'm not sure they are HipmamaB or even Beth Estella.. so they are over there... please feel free to join me. 



2015 makes it official. Mid-70’s born babes are turning 40.

On Trust, Acceptance and Love, Actually

Like many other women, Love, Actually is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s what I consider my ‘stop everything’ movie. Meaning…

5 Days

Our Kawasaki Disease Story