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Fall Fashion Find: Merona Mackenzie Suede Wedge Pumps

It seems that every time Target launches a new high-end collection these, I go running in expecting greatness... and leaving with things NOT part of the celebrity collaborations. Such was the case a few weeks ago when I went to my local Target in search of the Philip Lim collection. Red card and additional 5% pharmacy savings coupon in hand, I was gonna' buy me a sweater. 

But there was a mistake and my local store never even ended up getting the collection. 

All was not lost! As I walked around searching, I happened upon the shoe area where I found these suede wedges from the standard Target Merona brand that looked like just the shoe I had been looking for. 

I will admit, being the label whore that I am, I was suspect. But I also had been *NEEDING* new shoes and for $30 threw the army green ones into my cart... and didn't take them out last minute like I normally do with non-essentials when my bills climbs past a "certain number." 

And? I love these shoes. LOVE. 

They are high enough to give me a good lift, but not too high that I'm teetering around. They are comfortable too - the wedge isn't too steep and the insides not too hard. They did pinch around my toes the first day I wore them, but by day 2 were broken in. And the best part? They don't look like $30 shoes. 

I think I may need them in black too....


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!

Can you feel Fall in the air?

No? Yea, I know. Summer just began. Which means Nordstrom is forcing us to take stock of our FALL clothing needs. And OH DO THEY TEMPT US. 

Nordstom is the devil... a fabulous, perfectly styled, devil... 

I spent some time on the pre-sale website today. And no matter what season it is, sweater, boot and new jeans love is in the air. 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Boots




accessories from Nordstrom anniversary sale




clothes - nordstrom anniversary sale 2013



Of course as I'm cruising the Nordstrom website, I have the song "I wanna be a millionaire..." going through my head. 



HipMamaB Lusting: Shoes I Need RIGHT Now.


shoes I need - Jan 2013



It's a typical January in San Diego. Last week we were freezing, but today we could hit the beach. All of a sudden my boots seem heavy. My calves are sweating and the tops of my feet beg to see the sun. While I KNOW that next week will be cold(er) and raining again, this week Spring is in the air and I'm dying for a little color on my stems.