My 4-Day Late #Emmys Recap: Brought to you by MomSmack, Spellbinders and Champagne

Yes. This Emmy wrap-up report is being published a good four days post Emmys. 

I'm good like that. HipMamaB is ALL about what's CURRENT. 

And apparently I'm losing my edge. 

Here's my story. It's been a busy few weeks, so Sunday I slept. A lot. I had grand plans of getting up and writing all the posts that I need to write, hitting up the Dailey Method and then coming home to enjoy the Emmy's with my girl Nicole IRL and the MomSmack mamas on Twitter. But in the end a massive wave of exhaustion overtook me and I barely made it to the grocery store to buy milk. 

My favorite part of any award show is the red carpet, and I was really disappointed to find only one channel covering it. Don't get me wrong, I love the E! coverage, but I need to be able to flip back and forth when they are talking to some boring MAN about their suit rather than a woman analyzing her dress. Sexist? A little. 

I love the clothes. I love the dresses and all the sparkles. 

This year I think my nods to best dressed go to Tina Fey (on trend in BLUE), Taylor Shilling in goldish/white/pearl and even though she needs to eat a hamburger (or 20. With fries.), Claire Danes' dress was stunning. 

And? My favorite moments from the show in GIFs.

Best. Speech. Ever.

The Veep

The photobomb

And pretty much Amy and Tina just need to host everything, together, forever the end. 

I had tons of fun sharing my random opinions and thoughts with MomSmack crew and I want to send a HUGE shout out to SPELLBINDERS for the bracelet that they sent me that was actually a piece IN THE EMMY SWAG BAG! 

This bracelet is by Spellbinders which is a family-owned and run craft business founded on the principles of inspiring beauty and creativity in all. Their passion for style, glamour and elegance drives everything they do and, along with A Gilded Life to create the bracelet you see here.


*disclosure: I was compensated for this post, and for participation in the MomSmack twitter party during the Emmys. 

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!

Can you feel Fall in the air?

No? Yea, I know. Summer just began. Which means Nordstrom is forcing us to take stock of our FALL clothing needs. And OH DO THEY TEMPT US. 

Nordstom is the devil... a fabulous, perfectly styled, devil... 

I spent some time on the pre-sale website today. And no matter what season it is, sweater, boot and new jeans love is in the air. 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Boots




accessories from Nordstrom anniversary sale




clothes - nordstrom anniversary sale 2013



Of course as I'm cruising the Nordstrom website, I have the song "I wanna be a millionaire..." going through my head. 



#FashionFriday: Be a "Fit Fashionista" With Ellie

Moms across America have one thing in common; we spend a A LOT of time in our yoga pants. I'm not saying we are all going to yoga all the time, I'm just saying we wear them a lot. So you HAVE to look cute in them. A few years ago, Lululemon changed the designer workout wear trend into a full-on obsession. They made workout wear into something that was coveted, along with being very high-end and pricey. And, oddly enough, they seem to have monopolized this market for the past few years... with nothing else out there that really compares in style, fit and material. 

Until Ellie

A new company out of Los Angeles, Ellie is poised to take on the yoga-wear powerhouse with great styles, high-quality moisture wicking and antibacterial fabrics that have 4-way stretch technology that will apparently never stretch out, so they will always hold you in and look good. Also? Everything is designed and manufactured right here in the USA. 

Since they know that ordering workout wear online can be tricky, they've developed what they are calling "TruFit Technology" which means every piece fits true to size. Also cool? Each piece is designed by women, for women, so it’s made to flatter all body types.

When the team at Ellie asked me if I wanted to become an ambassador for their clothes, I jumped at the chance. Doing The Dailey Method 3-4 times a week means I'm either always washing workout clothes, or always buying them. I was excited to checkout new pants and see what they had to offer. 

I have to say I love the pants I received. The Love Struck Leggings fit beautifully, are snug enough to hold everything in, but stretchy and OH SO COMFORTABLE. And I can't wait to try a few pieces from the March collection. Looking like it was MADE for me (all Black!!) I'm dying to get my hands on a pair of the Little Black Capris and the Black Widow tank top. 


Check out the March Collection: 

How it works: 
There are two ways you can shop Ellie. First is by just going on the site and shopping away... the second is by joining Ellie as a FitFashionista Club Member, where for $49.95 a month you choose 2 pieces a month from the current collection. Yes, $50 for 2 pieces! And yes, you can always skip a month if you want.
And, if you use my links on this page, you can save 20% on your first order!

Save 20% on Ellie!





*disclosure: I am an Ambassador for Ellie. They have sent me clothes to review, opinions are my own.