Cinco de Mayo with Kids

As I write this, many 20 somethings are out drinking it up at various establishments with words like "El" and "Casa" and "Burro" in their names. Not us. The illustrious life of parents with young children, we sit here watching NBC's Thursday night line-up, sipping Skinnygirl Margaritas

Earlier today Zoe and I met Christina and boys B & B for lunch at Rubio's - a locally-based fish taco chain. Three kids + lunch-time rush + Mexican food + Mexican Holiday = Insanity. After my third trip to get more napkins/take someone to the potty/get a new fork, Christina and I are desperately trying to piece together a conversation tainted by too many "Where was I?'s". The slurping noise to my left grabs my attention. Waiting for the impending "Mommy, I want mooooore lemonade..." I glance over at my sweet angel from heaven to notice that she has pulled the straw from her drink and is actually sipping the juice out of the bottom of the cup of her side-dish of black beans. 

Shrieking "ZOE! THAT'S Disgusting!" I grab the straw away from her and throw it on the table. Be it the heat, exhaustion, kids or lack of tequila on this 5th day of May, Christina and I break down in laughter. Meanwhile, said Angel picks back up the straw and puts it back in her lemonade. Enlisting more laughter from the adults, Zoe looks at us, smiles and says:

"Yes! I am adorable!"