Hooked on a Feeling

Conversation with Jason, today, 6:15 PM.
Jason in car, on his way home:

Me: "Hey honey, I need you to stop and get me some Lays or Ruffles plain potato chips."

Jason: "Why? I thought we were having the TJ's garlic fries for dinner?"

Me: "We are. But I want potato chips. Lays or Ruffles."

J: "We have pita chips in the cupboard."

Me: "Here's how its going to work. If you come home without the Lays or Ruffles PLAIN potato chips, I will get in the car and drive to the store and buy myself a bag."

J: "I'm stopping..."

5 Minutes later, Jason is at Cardiff Seaside Market, a little gourmet grocer

J: "Hey, they have those yummy Kettle chips in the salt and black pepper that you like."

Me: "Do they have LAYS OR RUFFLES?!"

J: "Yea, but ohh, they have buffalo and blue cheese flavored also.."

Me: "Okay, get those AND a bag of PLAIN OLD FASHION LAYS OR RUFFLES. I want plain potato chips and I want to dip them in ranch dressing and I want to do this now."

J: "Plain Lays it is.."

Me: "Oh, and don't forget dessert.."

Pregnancy is lovely.