Something the parent of a 3 year old would only understand

This weekend our good friends Marina and Craig from San Francisco were in town with their 2 year old, Julian. In one of those moments where you truly feel you have to be in the bottom 10% of the decent parent pool, Julian ate a nice big plate brown rice and broccoli while our child would only consume lemonade and cupcakes. Jason became horrified. WE MUST BE THE WORST PARENTS.

I reminded him that at 2, before drafting his first edition of "Will Power - The ability to scream louder, throw master fits and continue until YOU get what you want!", Lucas also liked brown rice and broccoli. Oh, and would eat it.

So I can only imagine the horror it would cause when I publicly state that today, at lunch, I let Lucas eat his apple sauce, carrot sticks and quesadilla on the floor "like a lion". I even fed him bits of it by hand as he growled and crawled around on all fours.

My mantra of late is "pick your battles". At 33.5 weeks pregnant with a massive freaking head cold, this was one of those moments. And hey, he ate. And the food was nutritionally decent - at least compared to cupcakes.