It's all about the social networking sites

A huge buzz word in PR these days is "social networking". The way that people are using the Internet has changed so radically in the past few years, everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon of "the next big Internet craze", which is the magnitude of social sites. MySpace, Facebook - they have offered a way to connect with people - friends, family, people you never thought you would ever hear from again, and business people are jumping at trying to create revenue generating models from this new wave of Internet procrastination.

But that's not really new news, as blog readers you all know this. But lately, I've been finding myself everywhere. MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, WorkItMom!, my profile and background is there for everyone to connect to. My latest one is GoodReads (see side bar widget), a social book club. My friend Maria sent me the link and I thought, why not? I like to see what others are reading and people are always asking me what I'm reading.

What about you? What sites are you on? What are your favorites and what do you think is going to be the NEXT.BIG.THING?