Oh My

A few minutes ago I was sitting here browsing the goings on of Brittany and other lame-ass celebrities when my innocent, sweet, little boy comes up along side me, holds his plastic sword up to crotch, swings it around and exclaims "Look Mommy! I have a HUGE PENIS! It's HUGE like a GIANT'S!"

Let me just say that this was one of those moments I was extremely thankful for my c-section with Lucas which happened before any "damage" was done that would cause me the urinary incontinence issue that is oh-so common among pregnant woman, espeicially the 2nd time around, because really - I would have pissed my pants.

After recounting the story to Jason, I learned this is apparently the second time Lucas has used his sword in a phallic manner... check out Jason's conundrum here.