Nope, no added special "Halloween treat"

Well, the little pumpkin obviously did not want to be a Halloweenie baby. Which is fine, but since she didn't adhere to her eviction notice in time, all that means is that tomorrow afternoon they are going in and manually extracting her.

Yes. Tomorrow. Afternoon.


It's been an interesting few days. When the check-out girl at Trader Joe's asks me "when are you due?" and I reply, "One way or another I'm having a baby by Thursday" it just sounds and feels strange. People reply with "Oh, OH!" and then it hits me that wow, come tomorrow at this time I will have a brand new baby girl in my arms. Then I freak out a little.

1812543514_be9cdac4fe_m.jpgI spent my last day of only having one kid with Lucas celebrating Halloween. We sat on the couch and watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and went to his school party before going trick or treating with friends this evening. Lucas was Wolverine from the X-Men. It wasn't his first choice costume, honestly I don't think he knows who Wolverine is, but the Optimus Prime costume he finally decided on was wayyy to cheap looking for $30 and they were out of "The Flash" in his size. Plus, this costume had CLAWS and a very cool mask.

I was going to play the pregnancy card and not dress up, but last minute Jason and I came up with 1811710901_d4836cec4a_m.jpgwhat we think was a pretty brilliant costume pair. Our costumes, aptly titled "Tomorrow", is Jason as the c/s Dr just scheduling those babies so that he can make his tee-time at Torrey Pines, while I’m an OB nurse. Pretty much I needed a costume that gave me an excuse to wear my Crocs in public.

More Halloweenie pics can be found here if interested

So yea. The next time you hear from me, I will be a mother of two.

Please send me positive vibes and pray for the important things like a healthy baby, healthy mommy, oh and that the hospital isn't too crowded so that I get a private room.