Eviction Notice

1794157817_24178b1f17_m.jpgThis note is to inform you, Princess Buttercup, that by the end of this week, you are being evicted from your current home. I know you are warm and cozy. I know you are well fed and are loving taking long naps in your watery home, but your time here has come to an end. You NEED to get out and move on with life in the outside world.

See, Mommy just can't carry you around inside anymore. There is no more room. You need to move onward and upward. As your parent, throughout your life I'm going to force you into things that are best for you. While I hope it comes across more as "positive encouragement in a specific direction", lets be honest here, your father and I are going to make you do things that you may not want to do. And since you are flat-out refusing to budge from my womb, if you have until the end of the week to emerge from your own, or you will be cut out. I'm sorry, but it's what is best for both of us.

I didn't really want it to happen this way. I hoped for you to come more on your own schedule (and I am very pleased with you that you didn't come THIS week!), but now the time has come for you to make your debut. Really, YOU can't stay in there forever.

Besides, you have a pretty large group of people around here dying to meet you. Your big brother asks every morning if you are coming today, and there is a whole adorable pink wardrobe waiting to be worn.

So consider this your warning. You have a few more days to emerge on your own terms... but by this time next Sunday, you will be home, wrapped up tight and feeling the love of the people that today are still anxiously awaiting your arrival.