Fall 2012

Fashion FLASH: What Women are Wearing In Paris RIGHT NOW

As I type this, my good friend, Maria, is in Paris. 


Maria and I connect on a lot of things, but obsessing over clothes, but what to wear for specific occasions is something we are blood sisters on. So for the past few weeks we've been going back and forth on what she NEEDED to buy to wear while on her fantasy 10th Anniversary trip to Paris. She's now been there are few days, and today I got a few updates on current trends straight from the streets of La Ville-Lumière.

So what are the four must haves for Fall in Paris? 

Boots. Leather Skinnies. Leg Warmers and Finger-less Gloves. 

Apparently the chic women of Paris are rocking short boots. From moto style to cowboy style, booties are the rage. But what are they wearing them with?

Leather skinnies/jeggings and LEG WARMERS. Yes, apparently knit leg warmers are running city wild on Parisian legs. 

And then we have the fingerless knit gloves. 

While my first thought is Madonna circa 1984... look at how cozy those look!

So, there you have it. The Paris "must haves for Fall 2012."

Now I'm headed to the mall!