There is more to me than pregnancy, parenthood and make-up

Sometimes I worry that I just come across as just some trend obsessed airhead who posts pictures in lieu of actually writing things of interest. But really, there is so much more to me. Well, maybe not so much more but a little more. Really, I'm not as vacuous as I sometimes appear to be.

In effort to smart the place up around here, I've added a new sidebar widget for your viewing pleasure, detailing books I'm currently reading, recently have read, or all time favorites. I'm always on the hunt for the next amazing book to read, so suggestions are always welcome. I'll add to the list all the time, leaving the all time best reads, and adding and deleting the fun reads. And, with this nifty little tool, you can actually click on the book image and purchase it right from Amazon.

Pretty damn cool, huh?