En Fuego San Diego - Insanity Edition

Day #2 of En Fuego San Diego. Updates? Well.. no clue.

Thankfully the winds by us have really died down, but according to the news, they are still blowing in other areas. As Matt Lauer said on the Today Show this morning, "it looks like Armageddon". The sky is still all smokey and the air quality is horrific. I'm dying from some fresh clean air here.

We are all going a bit stir crazy at this point also. Thankfully, Islands restaurant was open today so we were able to escape the house for lunch. And like a trusty friend, Barnes and Noble was there to greet us with open arms. air conditioning and a train table to entertain Lucas for 20 minutes. Oh, and an entertainment purchase of the Transformers movie ... "for Lucas".

For those of you judging us and thinking this movie is a little too old for a 3.5 year old, I have a few things to say to you. #1 You try and entertain a 3.5 year old inside a stuffy house for 2+ days and #2, my kid doesn't really watch movies.. he plays along with them...





Yes, that is a plastic bucket on his head, and a water bottle that is doubling as a "blaster".. yea, he's a strange one.