En Fuego San Diego - Well, we don't have to name her Princess Fuega

Still here. Have house and baby is still holding tight inside Mommy. Mixed feelings on this. While I would really really like her to come soon, I could not imagine exposing those brand new itty bitty lungs to this horrific air.. oh, plus we needed to spend $200 on a new infant car seat that NO ONE in San Diego had in stock and we had to order online and it isn't here yet.

Oh the air here. SO nasty I can't tell you. I woke up this morning feeling as if I'm recovering from bronchitis or a weekend in Vegas that included me drinking one too many red bull vodkas and thinking it would be cool to smoke a stogie. YAK.

And while as a county we are thrilled the wind is gone - a little onshore breeze would be really nice to clean out this muck about now.

So now comes the aftermath.

You know that the sate of emergency mentality is over when the news starts with 5 minute montage of clips with voice overs from speeches from the Govenator and the President and cheesy music in the background. The other fun part of "recovery" is (for those who work) going back to work to asshole bosses with pep-talks such as "The best thing we can do for the community is to get back to normal and come back to work!" Yea - those people are out there.. I know someone who works for a place like that.. I'll never forget the president of the company that I was working for on 9/11 and his big speech about not closing the office on the darkest day our country had experienced in generations that went something along the lines of "If we close the office, the terrorists win!"

It makes you wonder if people like this are really heartless, cold jackasses or if they are just totally ignorant.