Let's play "where in the world is Beth's brain!"

Today I missed yoga for the second time in recent history for no apparent reason other than I simply forgot to go. I thought about it at 10:30, when I had 30 minutes until I had to leave the house. I thought about it again at 11:40, 25 minutes after the class had started. {{bangs head on wall}}

Where is my brain?

a) buried in a 4th of July alcoholess hung-over state?

b) hidden in the 3ft verticle hole that the dog (who, by the way,  was doped-up on 2 different anti-anxiety meds for the holiday of way too many loud noises) left in the drywall as a special 4th of July party favor?

c) the baby ate it

d) all of the above

I sure hope that this little girl inside me is going to be BRILLIANT one day, because right now she's sucking the life and brain power right out of me.

Oh, and totally off topic, but if you live within 5 miles of my house, and you are the jackass who is STILL setting off firecrackers even though today is the FIFTH of July?? Keep it up, because this hormonal, on the edge from the dog's continuous barking and cleaning up bits of DRYWALL your momentary stupidity and illegal activity has brought upon me, bitch is about to hunt you down and shove that firecracker up your ass.