I think I may have come to a decision. I think that my blog may have run its course.

OBVIOUSLY I haven't been all that great about updating. And what once was a creative release seems to be more of a chore as of late. And honestly, the last thing I need in my life is one more CHORE.

I'm also tired of worrying about what I write. I'm tired of stressing that my words are going to come back to haunt me in a misconstructed way. Over the past year the internets have amazed me and failed me all in the same breath. Some people out there know me, the real me. They can take what I say and envision me actually saying it and they "get it". Then there are those of you that I've met around them these parts.. who know Jason and I via pictures of our kids and anecdotal stories and maybe you know us.. but maybe you don't?

Impressions are everything, and I'm not all that sure anymore that I want this blog to seriously represent me in real life.

I'm not sure of my next move. So much of my life is documented on these pages, and there are so many things that I've done that I'm so proud of. But I think there might be a better outlet for me, and my quest for creativity, than I'm getting here.

But this can change. I am here. I am around. Just not as I used to be...