breaking radio silence

back by popular demand, well, the demand of one (hi Amy!) I am here to live-blog the walking in of the 2009 Golden Globes.

I was supposed to be serenading my 1/2 champagne tipsy rants to Maria and Maria today, but the sudden spike in body temperature of a certain almost 5 year old has left us home bound, on our own.

So here we are. Who am I to share my cans of Sophia (with the straws!) with? Who will care about the horrific accessories on Sandra Oh or how beautiful Anne Hathaway looks.. and this! This is my first critique in HIGH DEF.. Oh wait. E! doesn't have high-def. Huh. Why is NBC not broadcasting the walk-ins??? Don't they know its the VERY best part?!

AND OMG, does anyone else think that Juliana Rancic needs to go aw eat a hamburger on her way out?

Ok, I'm going to try Okt to drink all four cans of champagne before the party starts. I may be in and out depending on how much of a punishment I get from Jason b/c I told him he could not leave and go skateboarding just because he's pissed that the Chargers lost.

I have no idea how many of you will be out there reading, but hi there.. I am here to critique your dress and your stupidity.