"That girl can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch"

Alert! Alert! Personal breast feeding information ahead!

2281332925_663074ccea_m.jpgFeel sorry, oh so very sorry, for my poor nipples. Yes. I said nipples. The insanely sore part of my body that I feel are about to sucked right off my body about 6-8 times a day. I really don't think that people understand why after 3.5 months I can't get rid of the damn shield, or why my toes still curl upon my sweet princess latching on. Well, maybe this picture will help you to understand.

See that red mark on my hand over there? The one that looks slightly like I was bitten by a rabid 'possum? Yea. That is actually the HICKEY given to me by my sweet daughter this morning when she decided to suck on my hand while I was holding her. She sucked SO hard that she broke multiple blood vessels in my skin. Think about that. Now imagine that on your sensitive, soft skinned NIPPLES.


what? who? me?! I'm too cute to do something like that!