The 2009 Gold Globes

Welcome! Welcome to my coverage of the 2009 red carpet Gloden Globes..

5:20.. no apparent decent coverage. So far, we have a woman sitting there with goat placenta on her face. The woman looks like she is trying very hard not to yak on Ashlign's yellow dress.

5:25 - Debbie Metawhatsherface is licking that woman's face.

5:30 - I need one of those baby play yards (ie cages)

5:33 - Fug or Fab - really, is this 2006? The Fug Girls need to sue.

5:35 - Is this Jay from Queer Eye or Jay from ANTM - or are they the same?

5:40 - Have spent the last 5 minutes moving Zoe away from either the computer or the TV. She's turned into a freaking monster. BABY CAGE. I'm getting one tomorrow.

5:41 - realized people on Twitter are already talking about who won actual awards, therefore, they know what is being worn. I feel bit like Paul Rudd when he hosted SNL..

5:48 - I'm bored already.

5:49 - cute pic of my kids from yesterday

5:57 - Huh, didn't know Jason Stackhouse was from AU.

6:00 - Far away shot of someone in fushia poof. Never a good idea.

6:01 - E! A better technology would be broadcasting in high-def over the 'star tracker' useless thing

6:05 - Lucas is apparently feeling better

6:08 - Rickey Gervais' wife invested in a Bumptis

6:11 - Wow, the people are all running a bit late tonight, huh?

6:14 - Are you drinking? If so, what's in your glass?

6:15 - Let's talk statement making jewelry. Do you personally have something? I don't but I want.

6:16 - Gawd, I'm boring. Arnt you glad you are wasting your precious time reading this instead of doing important things like bathing your kids or wiping off the counters?

6:20 - I like this Taraji girl's earrings.

6:20 - The house girl's dress is stunning. I love that blue.

6:30 - Angela from the Office is very obviously breastfeeding

6:31 - There has been nothing, a faraway shot of someone, then more nothing, commercial. WTF?! I want Joan back

6:35 _ "Rumor Willis, what have you done to prepare for Miss Golden Globe" "Well, Ryan. About $600,000 worth of plastic surgery.."

6:37 - Wow, the questions these people ask are amazingly ridiculous.

6:45 - 8 minutes and I have nothing to say. E! YOU FAIL. FAIL. You said it Baldwin - there are some STOOPID questions being asked. And great, now I have to watch the Velveeta commercial again. Maybe I need to finish off my cans of champagne.

6:51 - Guess Eva Longoria isn't pregnant!

6:54 - So, who was going to point out to me that we still have another hour till the show starts? Woah Nelly, its been a very long day.

6:56 - Christina Applegate's hair looks one of Gma's friends in Boca did it. In the "pre-cap", Jay was making fun of her hair in GG pasts.. she wasn't listening.


7:02 - No Jay, we don't want to talk about the men

7:03 - Debra Messing. Meh. Not sure why? The bottom is pretty, the top is awkward.The hair is a bit poufy.

7:06 - Here we go...the stars have arriving... Guess I cold have started this now..

7:07 - OH HELL. What the F happened to Nancy O'Dell? Someone needs to do a hair extension intervention. Heh. An extension intervention..

7:08 - Jason asks "Why is Nancy O'Dell dressed like Helen of Troy?"


7:10 - Miley.. looking cute and age appro. She doesn't look like a 18 YO hooker. GOOD stylist, good..

7:11 - Every woman who has ever had a baby wants to throw rocks at Brooke Burke. I'm sure of it.

7:12 - Peter Gabriel is looking a bit .. old.. is "will you be in my heart" nominated again?

7:13 - Anna Paquin looks pretty. I love that plum color..

7:15 - Christina Applegate apparently was dressed by the costume designer from Mad Men

7:15 - "Her name Bubbles.."

7:15 - Elizabeth Banks is pretty.. I'm liking the blush color on her.

7:17 - maybe E! has the right idea to not move into HD? NBC is scaring me

7:18 - Amanda Seyfried from Mama Mia is STUNNING. AMAZING. Perfect. I want to look like her.

7:19 - If Jason and I ever got to go to one of these things I would make him wear a pocket square

7:20 - Eva Mendes is look a bit emmaciated. That amazing necklace is the only thing stopping her from floating away into nothingness.

7:24 - A lot of big hair. Drew .. a little too big..

7:26 - Blake Lively is so pretty also. Young Hollywood is definately looking good. It's my age group that is looking a bit tired tonight. Then again, of course they are.. they are my age

7:29 - Miley looks nice, but Miley's mom needs to add about a foot to her dress. Miley doesnt look like a hooker, but her mom sure does!


7:31 - I just confused Dennis Leary with Aaron Eckhart. I was saying I didn't realize Aaron Eckheart was old enough to have 2 big kids.. when I realized it was Dennis Leary I was proud that he's with his original wife!

7:36 - PIV - hope they are not serving sushi tonight!

7:38 - Kate Winslet will always look beautiful, but she could have done better. The black dress is nice, but it lacks umph

7:39 - Anne Hathaway also had her dress and hair chosen by my Boca Grandma. You are 24 girl! Look your age!

7:40 - The power couple has arrived.

7:43 - Colin Ferral looking old. Another one from my age group looking a bit worn..

7:44 - Amy Poehler - Love your necklaces! And love that you are wearing a loose dress and not back immediately into a perfect size 2

7:45 - Tina Fey was supposed to be the "woman of the night" and NBC glossed right over her!

7:46 - MOMENT OF THE NIGHT - Security pushing Ryan Seacrest away from trying to get an interview with Bradgelina. HI-LARIOUS. What? Are they too good to do interviews? BULLSHIT. Santa Angelina my ass.. get over yourselves.

 7:49 - P Cruz - fabulous, but the color washes you out.

7:51 - When did Sting become a crazy homeless man? Or as Jason said, Robin Williams

7:52 - RDJ - off the wagon?

7:53 - Marissa Tomei - HIRE a stylist. Please. Rachel Zoe - please intervene

7:57 - Megan Fox, the ONLY woman tonight really able to pull off the slicked back hair. She is Bananas.

7:59 - Really? Bradgelina didn't even stop?


So, the accessory of the night? Parents! Everyone brought their mom and/or dads with them tonight. Mermaid cuts and trains were is hopefully the assistants keeping them from drinking too much and others back 10 ft. It's too bad to hear that almost everyone made a point to say they are sober and don't drink, too bad just because what will happen to all that delicious Moet they are serving up inside?

A lot of people skipped the interviews, which come, just sucks. Thier business relies on people like us spending too much $ on tickets to see their movies.. stop and let us see what you are wearing and how you are looking. That is how you keep us interested - that is how you keep your friggin' jobs. (oh, mid-rant, I love Amy Adams earrings!)

Okay, thanks for reading my random streams of thoughts. I have one more Sophia left...

I think I may be back around here more often.. I'm thinking of some new ideas for this blog, with weekly features and more of a photographic focus.. so check back soon! XOXO