Getting Things Done

So, whattya' think of the new look? 

Over in these parts, 2010 is the year to get things DONE. We are hoping to scratch some major milestones off our list along with some nagging "to-do's" that have been haunting us. It's already started. My bathroom counter for instance, CLEAN. And I mean CLEAN. I'm actually quite proud of it. And my blog - updated a bit to reflect what I really want to do with it. The garage is next... well, after Jason recovers. But look! Getting things D.O.N.E.!

Today's Daily Shoot was about capturing winter in ice, frost and snow... hmmm... well now that can pose a problem when I'm just begging for a little rain so I can justify getting rain boots! Living in the warmest spot in the country at the moment, I just had to get a little creative.

Daily Shoot DS#53

Next-up in the hopper is Valentines Day. While some may argue that it's a Hallmark holiday I see it as a wonderful time to decorate with hearts and pink and make hand-made cards. Because it's already been 4 days since the last round of decorations came down! :-)