If You Give A Mom A Camera...

If you give a mom a camera, and a directive each day of a photo take, she just may do it.

And on day 5 when she is asked to shoot a reflection in a body of water, she is going to walk outside to the puddle on the sidewalk. And she is going to take way more pictures than needed to make sure she gets the shot that she wants. 

Then her daughter will walk out to see what she is doing. And then the mom will try to capture the reflection of her daughter in the sidewalk puddle. 

And her daughter, of course will be in an adorable outfit, and saying "cheese" like she does whenever she see's a camera (or the iPhone, ha!) and the mom will just have to take a picture of her.

Then her mom, while uploading her daily shot to Flickr, just may look at little closer at the picture, and think of her daughter just one year ago. Which may cause her to look back to her older pictures. Which will find her to find a picture of her little girl taken almost one year ago to date. (Jan 10, 2009)

Which, will cause the mom to get all nostalgic about her BABY GROWING UP. Which means that the mom may feel the need to take more pictures tomorrow...