Potty Princesseseses

A few weeks ago my willful, obstinate, refusing to pottytrain almost 3 year-old daughter came across pictures of us last year at Disneyland. Since she wasn't even 2 at the time, and it was way before the "PRINCESSESESES" obsession set in, and I guess she doesn't really remember going. She flipped through the pictures over and over, her little voice getting higher and higher with each picture of her little self with Pooh, with Snow White or on a ride. Then she came to the picture of her and I standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

"WHAT DAT MOMMY?!" she squealed. "It's Sleeping Beauty's castle, baby..." I replied. She shrieked. Literally, she shrieked and then yelled "WE GO DERE NOW MOMMY! NOW!!!!!" Without even thinking about it, I just said "Well, they don't allow diapers at Disneyland, honey. You have to be a big girl and pee on the potty to go."


That was 2 weeks ago and home-skillet has been sporting her princess branded skivvies ever since. So tomorrow is the big day. We are going with her friend CeCe (who's mom Maria also jumped on the "no diapers at Disney" bandwagon) and we are going to wear our new Belle dress, have breakfast with the princesses, and have an all-out princess extravaganza. She hasn't stopped talking about it all day. I'll be amazed if she sleeps tonight. 

The only thing left to think about is what the hell am I going to wear?